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Official Contest Rules

We’re giving away our Family Business for $150 and 200 words.


Contest Details

Win Eats and Sweets Essay Contest is a competition, NOT a lottery. A person may enter the contest by writing an original short 200 word (or more) essay describing why they would like to win Eats and Sweets, in accordance with the rules set forth herein, along with their entry fee ($150 or more).


a. The Eats and Sweets Essay Contest can be entered by citizens of the USA who are 18 years of age or older. Non USA citizens may enter but naturally must have legal statise to enter and stay in the USA.

b. Multiple unique entries with an additional entry fee are acceptable. Each entry must be submitted individually and will be considered a separate entry. 

Who is NOT Eligible.

a. Any family member, judges, owners or anyone directly related to Eats and Sweets and or the Essay Contest web site creators are disqualified from entering.


Essay Contest Fees

The entry fee is just $150.00 (US Dollars) for the first 200 words (or more if the visitor decides to add more words for an additional fee), payable through the website online using Stripe to process all payments.

All Entries will be considered received when paid in full. No refunds will be made for reasons of non-compliance or any other reason whatsoever, even if the Essay does not meet the requirements as described in these rules but was submited any way.   So, read, read and re read.  I am serious and am looking for a suitable person to transfer my life long business to, I only want entrys from serious people willing and able to change their life and become self employed

The owners reserved the right to extend or cancel the contest if less than the minimum entries (8000) are recieved. If the contest is canceled, applicants will recieve a full refund of their entry fee minus a small fee, minium of $10.00 USDollars but no more than $20 USDollars to cover processing expenses of getting your money back to you securly.

All entry fees shall be held in a separate escrow account in an FDIC insured act. until a determination has been made regarding contest completion. 

Requirements for Entries

The Win Eats and Sweets Essay Contest requirements: The owner(s) and 3 independent judges will evaluate all entries. Each entry will go through 3 phases of judging. The top 100 entries will proceed to the final phase of judgement and be evaluated by our panel of selected independent judges. All entries will be submitted through contest entry form and be 200 words or more. 

For the purpose of this contest, "essay" will be defined as a short pice of writing about the topic defined above. The essay should be written by the person who entered the contest in the contest entry form details as submitted along with an entrie. All indentifying personal applicant information including First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Address, Phone Numbers, and any other information will remain confidential until after an Essay Contest winner has been selected. The Essay Entry is non-transferable. Feel free to visit Eats and Sweets in person, but please refrain from idetifying yourself or in any way associating yourself with a submitted contest entry to any of the owners, staff, or persons at Eats and Sweets. 

Contest Deadline and Extensions

The contest entry deadline is Dec 31, 2016 at 12:00 am midnight local time. The contest will be closed after the contest deadline unless the owner has publically announced an extension to the contest for a reasonable period of time. The contest may be extended at the sole discresion of the owner.


The contests finalist will consist of 100 top essays as determined by our 3 or perhaps more independent judges and owners of Eats and Sweets. The judges will remain anonymous to protect the integrity of the contest. The owners and judges will receive the contest entries with ONLY serial numbers on them inorder to preserve the anominity of the contest applicants thus making it imposible for any favortism to become a part of the judging of any Essay's author. 

The 3 or more judges will independently compile a list of finalists essays that they personaly feel best describes the desire of the currnet owners or Eats n Sweets sa to would they would like to see their business/property head in the future.

Than, these essays will printed with out any identifying information of the page and given to the current owners of Eats and Sweets (AGAIN withOUT any identifying information other than a serial number on each essay's apge) and at this time will the owners will read and determine what they feel is the first place, first runner up and second runner up on to the tenth runner up possition.

The long list of runners ups is compiled just in case these primary winner or wnners default and fail to take possession of our business  in a timely manor for one reason or other.


Essays will be judged for their creativity, heartfelt and clear expression of the Essay applieants intrest and intentions owning Eats and Sweets. 

My thoughts on what I would like to see in a winning contest Essay:

1. The sentimental part of me would like to see our family business stay similar to what it is now, a road side, home made rural ice cream, fast food and pizza opperation.  Thinking that  since the new owners will only be paying perhaps as little as 150 dollars to own this property, building and all the equiptment that goes along with it will drasticly lessess the need to make big bucks from day one inorder stay in bussiness as I was forced to do inorder to pay back the bank loan I had from day one of operations in the mid 1980s. Thus lots less of an aggressive operation will most likely be needed to stay in business and provide for your family. 

2. The realistic part of me realizes times are changing moment by moment and this means our location may also need to change.  So, candidly speaking I do admit to being impressed with the "WoW Factor" in the past and actually enjoy saying, saying something like "what a great idea, I would never have thought if this, lets do it"......   So if you have a great inovated idea for this location other than my sentamental boyhood dream described above, take a chance and write it up and submit it (since I have been impressed by the "WoW Factor" more than once in my life)....

Deadline For Essay Winners

The contest's final phase qualifiers and Essay Contest winners will be determined within 30 days of the contest deadline and final closing date. The owner reserves the right to extend this time if needed to judge all entries in a fair and equal manner. The winner of the contest will be announced following the winner's acceptance of the prize. If the winner rejects the prize or does not accept being the contest or fails to reply within a timely manner for any reason, a new winner will be chosen from the phase 3 finalists list described above. The winner has 30 days to inspect the property, and accept the prize from the day of announcement. 

Copyright and Publication

By entering the essay contest, applicants grant permission for Eats and Sweets Inc. to publish names, photos, and Essays of the finalists (top 100) all without royalty or other consideration.

Local, State, Federal, And International Regulations

Naturally this contest is subject to the provision of all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws and agencys, regulations and taxes. AND payabel by the winner. This offer is void where prohibited.


The winning entrant shall be solely responsible for all taxes and fees, including real estate transfer taxes, deed recording costs, food and lodging license applications and fees, title search or lawyer’s fees, or other taxes or fees of any kind imposed upon or arising out of a successful participation in this essay contest. If the winner refuses or fails to timely accept the prize property, then the new winner declared from the runners-up (in order of rank) who accepts the prize property becomes responsible for all such taxes and fees.


The owner reserves the right to extend the deadlines of the essay contest entry and determination of the winning entry for a reasonable period in the owner’s sole discretion.

Prize Transfer

The transfer of the prize property to the winner will occur within sixty (60) days of acceptance by the contest winner unless a reasonable extension is granted for the winner to complete transfer arrangements, in the owner’s sole discretion. The right to the prize is not transferrable by the winner, other than to a title-holding entity owned and controlled by the winner, for one year after the transfer of the property.

Description of Prize Properties

The below covenant is for Eats and Sweets, an operating fast food and ice cream business located at 2477 Rout 611, Scotrun Pa, 18355 USA   Tax ID #

  • The Eats n Sweets Essay Contest winner (EnSECWinner) will be presented with a quitclaim deed with covenant for Eats and Sweets, Inc. 
  • If and only if at least 7500 entries are received, the EnS Essay Contest Winner will also receive up to $25,000 US funds from EnS to help pay applicable fees. This will Be only done by the Essay Contest owner submitting a bill and the check will be writtten to the agency/corporation directly NOT  CASH TO THE ESSAY CONTEST OWNER.
  • The real estate will be transferred free of liens and mortgages. The payment of current property and school taxes will be up to date. 
  • The current owners of EnS are willing to provide up to 30 days of on-site training at their personal discretion. This training period is also intended to better ease the new EnS Essay Contest Winners into the current established clientele thus perhaps saving decades worth of established customer base for the new owner operators of EnS to profit from. However let it be known that we (the owners) are NOT EnS Essay Contest Winner employees in any way, shape, or stretch of the imagination. Treat us with respect and we will do the same. NO RESPECT, NO MORE HELP.....
  • We are educators of the Eats and Sweets business, it’s equipment, building, and suppliers. Even more importantly, we feel we are ambassadors for both the established clientele and EnS Essay Contest Winners so having us there during the transition period should be quite benificial to the new owners.
  • The EnS Essay Contest Winners will be responsible for all utilities, taxes, trade payables, and staff expenses immediately after the transfer. 
  • No expressed value is given or guaranteed for EnS and or for it’s land, building or equipment or future. No condition of the former is offered, however, rest assured that 1.25 (approx) acres of commercial real-estate on a local highway 2,000  feet (approx) from an interstate highway including a lot of professional operating equipment NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) does not come cheap and has lots of value above and beyont the entrance fee with out question.
  • If you do not feel this near once in a life time opportunity to own a business and realistate is not worth the $150 (1/3 the price of some cell phones) entrance fee, Feel Free to NOT enter the contest and move on.

Additional Requirements

The winner agrees to accept the property “as is,” and to fully insure the property and operate the business as a fast food, ice cream and pizza business for at least one year after the transfer. The winner also agrees to maintain the property in good condition (reasonable wear and tear excepted) and retain the exterior color scheme for at least one year. If these requirements are not met, then the property will revert back to the previous owner, to be then awarded to the next ranked runner-up, subject to the same conditions. The winner further agrees to pay any costs and fees (including legal fees) reasonably incurred by owner if necessary to enforce compliance with these requirements.

Disclaimer and Indemnity

By entering the contest, each entrant agrees to indemnify, release, and hold harmless the owner from any liability, loss, or injury resulting from the entrant’s participation and the winner’s acceptance, use, or misuse of the prize property. The owner does not make any warranties, express or implied, as to the condition, fitness, or merchantability of the prize.


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