Eats and Sweets

Our Story

Why we want to give away Eats and Sweets

It has been over 31 years since we opened Eats and Sweets sometime in May of 1984. It’s been an amazing and rewarding adventure...

Now it's time to pass the torch to the next generation... 

Reason # 1: October 2014 my wife was diagnosed by a horribly invasive stage 3 ovarian cancer. The good news is, after a grueling winter of chemotherapy, she is now in remission. But, the reality with cancer is that it can come back any time/day and it's time to slow down in life. Time for us to enjoy the little things in life and pass on the adventure to someone new. Someone who will love it just as much as us. 

Reason # 1.5 This past February 2016 my wife's cancer returned and once again she is taking chemo treatments regurarly.


Reason #2: We're getting older. I am 66 years old now now. Seems like it was just a few years ago we had our first customer walk  up to the drive thru window and order a strawberry single dip cone.  As they say, "time flyes by when your having fun", and boy – we must have been having lots of fun because the 30+ years went fast. The truth is, it's time to pass on Eats and Sweets to someone with enough "oomph", enthusasm drive ect.  to continue the tradition for another 30 years! 

Reason #3: This business needs someone like you perhaps. It needs new ideas and enthusiasm! My wife has been here for 20 years and I have been here 31 years! We are ready to relax and let someone else take the reigns. We can't wait to see how Eats and Sweets evolves! 

Finally owning your own business

Have you ever imagined how your life could be different if you could afford to own your business?

Maybe you have had a few good ideas, or a couple of chances, but the timming just wasn't right or there wasn't enough money or time to take the jump, you didn't know where to start. IF you have ever felt like that, then this is for you. 

Finally the chance that you have been waiting for! 

Eats and Sweets is a fully operational, cash–positive business (unless you make some stupid mistakes). All you have to do is come up with a plan that works and  impresses us, write it down and tell us about it by entering the essay contest. All this oppertunity for just about 25% of the cost of a new iPhone, you can change your life. 

The Opportunity

In my 66 years of life, things have changed in the USA and Globally.  When I was a young man, the USA was considered by many "The Land of Opportunity". However in less than one lifetime (mine) the USA now seems to be the land of little or no opportunity for the common man or woman. Lots of oppertunity still for the welthy but next to inpossible for the commin man/woman to get into a traditional business for them self.

Young people get out of college with a degree with lots of edgucation but with lots of college tuition debt now have a difficut time get a job in their career field. I hear many graduates end up continue working in the same part-time job they had during college after graduation. Just because it is their only option........

My thoughts are by creating an alternative method of transferring my business (with an Essay Contest), allowing my wife and I to retire on the entrance fee via an Essay Contest vs the traditional sale of the property, literly takes the selling of this business, land and equipment away from  just  the wealthy and franchise corporations and puts the opportunity back in the hands of the people. People like us. This is our way of leveling the playing field and making sure our business that we love goes to someone with heart. 

Most everyone has a smart phone, and the cost of the smart phone is just a fraction of the cost it costs for this oppetunity. You can have the chance of a lifetime to change your life forever. It's our greatest hope that we can share this type of freedom with someone else. It's our way of giving back to a community that has given us so much! 


Do you have the heart?

Write an essay of 200 words telling us why you should be
the next owner of Eats and Sweets. Simple as that.

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